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Michael Jordan summary

I already knew a lot about Michael Jordan so this book wasn't that interesting to me. If you want to learn some facts about him I would recommend it. It talks about his childhood and his high school and college years and of course his pro years. (it is a really short book I read it in like 20 minutes)

The Circut

The Circuit: Stories from the Life of a Migrant Child - Francisco Jimenez

  The Author was trying to tell us how hard it was to work, move, and make a dollar. The author tells us about making a cent and a half for 1 pound of cotton. He also tells us that his family has to move year round to make money and he didn't like that because  he wanted to go to school and stay with his friends, but his brother and his father had to get better jobs to support them.


 Francisco reminds me of my grandma because she had to cross  the border and had to work when she got older. It also reminds me of the first time I moved because I was really sad and I had to leave my friends, but he moved so much I couldn't even imagine how hard it was for him to keep making new friends and adapting to a new place.


[/spoiler] The part that got me to really like the book was the ending when he got caught by the border patrol in his classroom in front of his friends. It was really a cliff hanger at the end. The reason why I a going to read the next book is because I want to find out what happens.



 Alex rider is the main character, Ian Rider is his Godfather, and they have maid. Alex is a 14 year old boy who is really smart, curious, and young. He goes to school like a normal kid until he finds out that his uncle died in a car crash (he got shot) he wanted to found out what really happened so he did an investigation.


Alex works as a spy and his Team was curious of Herod Sayle. So he went to go check him out and he found out that he did something to the new computers he was making and that he was planning to kill thousands of people because he was bullied at school as a kid. Alex had to find a way to stop him (you have to read the book to find out the end because the book is so good.)


 I'm learning that Alex is a super curious person who wants find things out that intrigue him, he found at that his uncle was a spy because he was curious. Now he works as a spy


 I would recommend this book for people who like action and suspense books. The author did a great job in writing this book. I'm glad he made other books on this series.